Issue #53: On my mind: What makes a great homepage?

Homepages are one of the most visible assets in your business – it’s your first impression. The problem is we overthink and overcomplicate them. Here’s how you should approach your next homepage redesign for your agency or for your clients.
🏆 Marketing Tip: What makes a GREAT homepage?
You’ve only got a few seconds to hook people in on your homepage. One of the best ways to get their attention is to get them thinking, “That’s great, I wonder how they do that”
But how do you make that connection in the first couple of seconds? With airtight message clarity.
You need to articulate what you do, why they should care, and what to do next if you have any chance of converting them.
Once you’ve got your initial message in place, you move to message prioritization.
Your homepage isn’t a campaign landing page – you’ll cover multiple concepts, different offerings, different products, and link to multiple areas on your site. THAT’S OKAY. Unlike a landing page, your homepage shouldn’t have a 1:1 ratio in regards to your primary CTA and total links on the page.
The homepage is meant to introduce your company and how you uniquely meet the visitor’s needs. Some (very few) folks will be ready to convert right away and those people will click the button above the fold because you spoke clearly and directly to their needs.
Others need a bit more of an understanding and will dig deeper. This is where things get tricky. Some people like to read, others like videos, and some want to just talk to someone.
That’s why you need to include different media types and different mechanisms to get them to show interest.
Copy, videos, and images that convey the same message in a different way will increase engagement on the page and get the visitor where they need to go next. If you aren’t conveying a message in at least 2 different media types, you won’t turn site traffic into leads & sales.
As for options to raise their hand, get them clicking, add smart pop-ups, include lower friction offers that get them on your list, or add in a chatbot to get them telling you more about them and how you can serve them.
One CTA type isn’t enough. People want to interact how they like to interact. Give them the option and you’ll see more & better opportunities coming from the homepage.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard