Issue #7: Open if you love your customers

Everyone talks about being “customer-first” but they leave out how to do it! This week we’ve got two tips to keep your customer top-of-mind:
📈 Biz Tip: Paging “Mr. Customer”
At every board of directors meeting at Amazon, you’re always going to see an empty chair. To the board, this chair is anything but empty! It represents the most important member:
“Mr. Customer.”
If a behemoth like Amazon is this customer-obsessed, then there’s no reason for your agency not to prioritize your customers in a similar way.
Stop trying to solve your customer’s problems based on YOUR ASSUMPTIONS. Instead, talk with your customers and work with them directly to know exactly what they want. If you (or a team member) haven’t talked with a customer in over a month…you’re not solving their problems anymore.
✉️ Marketing Tip: Cheap & Easy Customer Research
I admit, setting up customer interviews and diving into new data sources takes time and money. However, there is a trove of useful information coming in that is 100% free: feedback to your success & sales staff.
These front-line workers are closest to the customer and can give you a very clear picture…if you know what to ask them. Here are 5 questions you should ask your success & sales staff each month that will ensure you have your finger on the pulse.
  1. What are the top five questions you get from customers/prospects?
  2. What are your answers to these questions?
  3. How did the customer/prospect respond?
  4. What aspects of X do people like the most/least?
  5. Have we missed anything important? Anything to add?
🎉 Bonus: Get Your Important Company Links In Order
We constantly ran into issues chasing down our important links and documents across the company.
That’s why we built this Chrome extension to manage our links company-wide. It was such a hit internally we decided to share it with our community.
The Peer2Peer Bookmark Sync helps you share, manage, and sync any bookmarks with employees, co-workers, teammates, and customers.
Check it out on the Chrome Store & let us know what you think!
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard