Issue #92: Open this if you run Google LSAs

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This week we’re talking about LSAs and reminding you that we need to have a little chat about your fulfillment options if we haven’t lately!
🤮 LSAs are about to get a lot worse for your clients!
If you manage Local Service Ads for clients, they might be in trouble!
One of our partners posted the picture below on Facebook the other day and it looks like Google is continuing to do some shady practices…
…and this time it’s going after your local clients’ favorite way to generate leads: LSAs.
What you’re seeing here is someone who contacted a law firm through an LSA with Google prompting the searcher to message their competition! This is diluting that lead significantly and lining Google’s pockets a little bit more.
If your client relies on LSA ads, it might be time to introduce Google Search or a different channel altogether (and we can help)!
🤣 “Take My PPC, Please!” – Google Ads Comedian
We’re now that time of the year where customer acquisition slows down.The fastest way to add revenue to any business is to offer a new service to your current clients.
Start offering PPC and we’ll take care of the rest.
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