Issue #120 : Perfect PPC Pitch Framework

This week, let’s talk about sales. You know, that skill that’s the single most important part of your business. Specifically, I want to talk about what makes a persuasive PPC pitch that closes deals even if you stink at sales. Let’s get into it.
The Pitch Unpacked

Think of your PPC as a map – they know where they want to go…they just don’t know how to get there (that’s why they’re on the call with you!) 

A properly designed pitch will walk your prospect through their specific challenges, highlight the opportunity, and make them believe that you’re the one that will help them hit their goals. Here’s what every pitch needs to address to get clients to sign on the dotted line:
  1. Lead with the Competition – When pitching to clients, especially local businesses, the easiest way to get (and keep) their attention is to show them how they stack up to their competition. If you can, avoid national competitors, you want to speak to a shop down the street that’s eating their lunch.
  2. Comparative Measures – You’ve got them on the hook, now start showing them which one of their competitors are advertising and what the level of success is, e.g., average rank of their ads, what keywords they show up for, how often, overall visibility, etc…
    If your prospect is already advertising, show how they compare. If they aren’t, well, they can’t win a game they aren’t playing…
  3. Dig Into the Specifics – Present the competition’s ad copy and offers to show that you’ve got your finger on the pulse. Do NOT spend too much time here, you don’t want to get into the weeds. Bonus points if you can provide insights around how you can give them the edge here.
  4. Pivot to Proof: This is where you share your track record – how many clients in their niche, budgets managed, & leads generated. Provide a case study or two plus some visuals of ads and landing pages to get their attention.
  5. Give Recommendations & Set Expectations: Give them examples about what performance could look like when they advertise on Google. Give them budget recommendations, CPL range, and estimated number of leads. You’ll want to connect this to revenue, definitely estimate here based on the niche’s standard close rate & job size.
  6. Make the Ask: Now that you’ve positioned yourself as the expert, got the client seeing red because they’re behind the competition, and showed them how to win – ask them for their business.
If you nail all of these in your pitch, enjoy moving them to Closed Won in your CRM.
PPC Pitch Training Next Week
This week’s issue only scratched the surface, that’s why you should join Justin & I for a PPC Pitch Training next week.
Here are the details:
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Avi Kumar, Chief Wizard & CEO @ InvisiblePPC
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard