Issue #97: PPC Landing Page Framework


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Let’s talk landing pages and dive into what it takes to get double-digit conversions.
💡Marketing Tip: Landing Pages Can LITERALLY Make or Break Your Campaigns
If you’re an ad agency that isn’t requiring landing pages as part of your management…you’re not really doing PPC. Driving traffic is only one part of the equation, the other – more important part – is converting that traffic. Here’s how to do that better:
1. Reiterate Ad Copy in the Landing Page Headline: If a client is selling a heating service, and the relevant keyword like ‘Heating solutions’ isn’t immediately visible, they’re WAY less likely to convert. When someone clicks on an ad, they want to know they’re in the right place – reiterating that keyword above the fold is one way to do it!
2. Reiterate CTAs Often: This one’s simple – when a person is ready to convert make sure they can do that easily. This means to remind them of the next step via a clear CTA throughout the page and with a sticky header.
3. Relatable Testimonials: Testimonials are all about building trust and credibility to make the visitor feel like you’ve actually done this before. Use a variety of testimonials from credible reviewing platforms like Google, Yelp, etc. that highlight different aspects of your service.
4. Structured Page Flow: By strategically organizing content and visual cues, create a clear and logical path for visitors to follow, with the primary goal of encouraging them to take a desired action, such as making a purchase or filling out that contact form. Additionally, make sure to continuously optimize your pages, in order to achieve those 40%+ conversion goals.
5. Mobile First Landing Page: Most people clicking on your ad are coming from a mobile phone. So if you’re not considering the experience, you’re lighting your ad dollars on fire. Just because something looks good on the desktop doesn’t mean it will look good on mobile or have the logical flow needed for conversions.
Landing page needs some help? Use this checklist to get more out of your ad dollars.
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