Issue #2: Prospecting, Email, & Something Special

In this week’s IPPC Insider, we’ve got a prospecting productivity tip, why your boost in email opens might be a big fat lie, PLUS a special announcement 📢 Let’s get to it!
📈 Biz Tip: Last week we shared how calendar blocking was our productivity superpower & this week we wanted to show how you can use that for prospecting. When you’re actively prospecting for new clients – block off your calendar as if you’re going to have a meeting with that client. That will keep you from pushing your prospecting tasks to the back of the line 🙂
✉️ Marketing Tip: iOS 15 is REALLY screwing things up for email marketers. If you’ve seen a boost in email open rates out of the blue, you (or your client) may be celebrating over nothing. So keep an eye on your click rates and really prime your email content for that click or reply.
📢 Special Announcement: Our IPPC partners have been asking for White Label Facebook Services…and we’re almost ready to launch! Sound like something you want? Just reply to this email to get more details.
Move quick – the first 10 qualified agencies will get 50% off our implementation fees.
P.S. If you scrolled down here to see how long the email was – then you’re getting a sneak peek at our “Special Announcement.”
Reply to this email to learn more about our ***NEW*** White Label Facebook Services. The first 10 qualified agencies will get 50% off implementation, so move quick 🙂
That’s a wrap – talk to you next week!
CEO & Chief Wizard