Issue #26: Replay: Last Week’s PPC Training

This is a must-read issue for every agency who is looking to improve their pitch process…let’s get to it!
📣 Marketing Tip: Swipe this PPC Pitch
On Wednesday, Justin unveiled our PPC Pitch template at the end of our presentation…needless to say, we thought everyone could use this. You’ll need a few things to REALLY make this thing work:
  1. A spend figure. In most cases, we recommend using the minimum spend threshold from our Smart Niche Sheet
  2. CPA Range: Low to High Number of lead range: Low to High
  3. Average deal size for their business
Once you have those, just fill in the blanks:
Hey Mr./Mrs./Ms. Client – if you want to predictably grow your business, PPC is the fastest and most scalable option.
If you work with [YOUR COMPANY], we can get you a detailed prediction of the number of leads you can expect PLUS how much you’re going to spend each month.
We’ve successfully run ads in [INSERT NICHE] for over 12 years and have loads of historical data.
At a minimum, you need to spend [MINIMUM SPEND FROM SHEET] on ads to generate [BOTTOM # OF LEAD ESTIMATE] new high-quality leads and as the campaign improves, you could expect to get as many as [TOP # OF LEAD ESTIMATE] leads without spending an additional cent.
With each customer being worth [INSERT VALUE OF CUSTOMER], how much would your business change with [LEAD RANGE] leads coming in each and every month
⏺️ PPC Training recording is available to ALL Blink subscribers
We believe that selling PPC to clients is a basic skill EVERYONE reading The Blink should have. That’s why we wanted you to have direct access to this training, whether you signed up for the live event or not.
Normally these recordings are only available to registrants and to IPPC Agency Insider members BUT something this important needs to be available to our entire agency community!
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard