Issue #31: [REPORT] – What marketers spend on advertising

This week I’ve got a stat for you that you should review with ALL of your clients and prospects PLUS a direct link to a very useful marketing report.
💸 Business Tip: How much should your client be spending on ads?
If you’ve ever had a hard time getting your clients to invest in paid advertising, you’re going to love this…
Based on a Salesforce study, here’s how successful marketing departments spend their budget:
The biggest chunk of BOTH pies is…wait for it…ADVERTISING.
So if your agency is your client’s entire marketing department and they pay you 10k/month, that means they should be spending AT LEAST 2k/month of that budget on ads.
If your agency is part of your client’s marketing efforts, you should advise them to spend 20% of the total budget on advertising.
Use this stat when you’re selling PPC services or trying to get them to increase their overall budget!
📘 Saving You A Click: Salesforce State of Marketing Report
The figure we pulled above was from Salesforce’s 7th annual State of Marketing Report. There’s some really great stuff in here, including data points on:
  • Changes in marketing org in a remote world
  • Budget distribution,
  • The rise of AI in marketing
  • Saturated and underutilized marketing tactics
And way more!
While we’re great at PPC, we aren’t experts in sales methods…so we brought in one of the best in the business to teach you how to close more business in way less time!
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard