Issue #17: Run this headline test before you leave today

Today I’ve got a few things on my mind – the reason you can’t hire the best talent, an easy landing page test that gets results, and why robots scare copywriters.
🔥 Biz Tip: [Hot Take] You Can’t Hire the Best
Yes, you read that right. No single company can attract “The Best” talent. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mom & pop shop or Tesla – the best talent will always be slightly out of reach.
Why? Because your version of the best has already had success at your level and are moving onto the next stage of their career, e.g., a new challenge, a new industry, etc…
So you need to be on the lookout for coachable rising talent that may not be “the best” on paper.
🔄 Marketing Tip: Try the Switcheroo
Here’s a fun actionable tip you can do RIGHT NOW. Go to your homepage or an active landing page. Take a look at your headline and subheadline. Got it? Great…
…Now swap them out.
Most companies are WAY more direct in their subheadline and direct copy converts.
🤖 How to Nail Your Messaging (Quickly)
At IPPC we write…a lot…
Whether it’s ad copy and landing page copy for our clients or our own content (this email included). When you’re producing a ton of content, sometimes you run out of ideas for subject lines, headlines, ad body text, etc…
To crush the writer’s block, we try writing 10-15 titles or headlines in batches.
But sometimes you just come up short and spend too much time creating a bad copy. That’s why we recommend using AI copy tools to give you fresh ideas without running in circles.
We use, but there are plenty of others to test. Give AI copy a shot – it’ll save you tons of time.
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard