Issue #13: Sales Tip, PPC Tip, and Writing Tool Inside

There’s no theme to today’s issue of The Blink – just some seriously useful tips if you’re in the sales process, managing PPC, or writing content.
🌎 Biz Tip: Seek “No” on your next sales call
If you’re running a high six-figure, low seven-figure agency, then you’re still VERY involved in the sales process…or should be…
Next time you jump on a qualification call, set your requirements out as soon as possible, e.g., your price point, commitments, the scope of work, etc…,
You want to know within 15 minutes whether this is a client you’d like to work with and is willing to pay. Everyone cannot and should not be a fit for your agency. Remember, selling to all is selling to none.
🔥 Marketing Tip: Brand+ (The overlooked PPC campaign)
We all know our best, most high-value keywords can get expensive. You can cut down on costs by leveraging your branded keywords in a distinct campaign we call Brand+.
  1. Compile your high value, high-cost keywords that convert
  2. Create a new campaign that adds your brand to these keywords
  3. Watch CPAs on these campaigns drop
Brand+ campaigns make it so anyone searching for your brand PLUS a high-value keyword doesn’t go into the high-cost, non-branded bidding war.
🤯 Free Tool: How to keep your writing SIMPLE
We believe that anything that can be said, should be said simply. That’s why we love (and use) Hemingway Editor. This simple tool makes sure we’re keeping our message clear and easy to understand.
Protip: click the “Show more” text under your word count, tons of great info here including reading time.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard