Issue #105: Settling the traffic debate

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This week we will be answering the most pervasive questions in digital marketing: SEO versus PPC. Which one should you choose? Hold on to your seatbelts and let’s dive in.
SEO vs PPC: Every Marketer’s Dilemma Answered!
Whichever side you are on, you have to admit – EVERYBODY loves traffic and leads from their web pages.
However, before we provide you with the Most Coveted Answer of All Times, let’s understand briefly when you need SEO or PPC:
  1. When you want consistent results: SEO comes with a long gestation period. If you want to get on the top of SERPs ASAP, it’s going to take some time. However, once you have crossed that threshold, you will enjoy the luxury of sustained traffic.
  2. When quick wins are on your mind: It’s like saying “The floodgates were opened.” As soon as your PPC campaign goes live, the incoming traffic to your landing page (preferably) will be instantaneous. However, the caveat is that not all traffic is good traffic.
  3. When you want to build your website’s real estate: Your website should be your most valuable asset. And if you want to transform it into a luxury, then variables like page rank, link popularity, amount of traffic generated, etc. need to be considered. And they all fall under SEO.
  4. When promoting a time-sensitive offer: Promoting a 50% OFF offer for Roof repairings? And the offer is time-sensitive? PPC marketing will accelerate the traffic and get you the desired results.
So, which side should you be on? PPC? or SEO?
Well, why not both?
Here’s how:
  1. Use expensive non-converting keywords of your PPC campaigns for SEO to create targeted articles.
  2. Match your PPC Ads to organic SEO results by matching them to your users’ search intent.
There you have it, it’s not SEO v/s PPC but an SEO+PPC search strategy aligned to work together and deliver results.
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