Issue #10: Should you advertise on TikTok?

This week’s issue is all about “Knowing” and includes a hiring tip, a marketing channel tip, and a really helpful tool for people who know they struggle with colors and branding.
Let’s get started!
📈 Biz Tip: Know Thyself
Hiring is one of the most difficult things to do in business – it takes time, money, and is a huge risk. The right hire can take you to the next level, but a bad hire can set you way back.
When you’re hiring, you have to know your main strengths and weaknesses in the business. Layout the work to be done and how your skills map to the work. And the next step is critical:
Make sure to hire for your weaknesses.
Do not try to hire to amplify your strengths during early-stage growth. You don’t need to clone yourself – you need to compliment your skills.
📱Marketing Tip: Should I do this whole TikTok thing?
Like all things in marketing the answer is “It Depends”. Testing in new channels can be costly and time-consuming but here are a few questions to ask before you go all-in on TikTok:
  1. Do you have an additional 20%-30% ad budget available and 4-6 weeks to test?
  2. Have you been successful on short-form video platforms like IG Reels, IG stories, or Snapchat?
  3. Can you commit resources to content production that matches the TikTok experience? It’s not as simple as posting an IG story on TikTok…
  4. Does your product/service align with Tiktok (D2C eCommerce or Mobile Apps)?
  5. Is your buying audience “hanging out” on TikTok?
  6. Have you defined what success looks like on the platform?
If you answer yes to ALL of these questions then you are ready for TikTok Ads, otherwise, start by testing Organic content on Tiktok or avoid it entirely.
🎨 Colors not your thing? Try this!
Getting the right colors for your brand, website, and campaigns can leave you feeling…unsure.
The fact is, you don’t know what you want until you see it.
Even if you have full-time designers, it’s difficult to explain exactly what you want – which leads to more revisions and projects stalling.
That’s where Huemint can help. Tweak your settings, click “Generate”, and let their machine learning show you the color palette you want (or don’t want)!
Hear from you soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard