Issue #23: “So You” Copy Trick

In this week’s issue, we have two of my favorite copy tricks! The first is a useful copy formula for bullets and the second is the famous “5 Second Test.”
🚅 Marketing Tip: Lackluster bullets on your page? Try this!
When you’re writing bullets on your homepage, landing page, product page, or ANY page use the “…so you…” trick
We’re always trying to balance features and benefits, but using this copy tip you get both.
Here’s how the template:
  • [Product Feature] so you {experience benefit}
And here are two examples. One for IPPC and another for a project management software company
  1. [As an IPPC partner you get a dedicated account manager] SO YOU can {answer any client Google PPC question without being the expert.}
  2. [Includes time tracking] SO YOU’LL {never miss a billable minute}
“…So You…” benefit rich bullets are the shortcut to telling your visitors WHAT they are getting and speak to WHY it matters.
In general, you want the benefit to speak to the pain the feature alleviates or to how they’ll feel when they use the feature.
Go check out your homepage or landing page and give this a shot. It’ll be worth it!
✍️ Cool Tool: Copy is hard, try this!
Writing copy is tough…even if you have a bag full of tricks like the bullet one above.
There’s no better way to test your messaging than getting it in front of your target market to find out if you resonate.
One of my secret weapons was using the Five Second Test by UsabilityHub (not an affiliate link). You can use a screenshot from a live site or from one of your prototypes and find out if a real-life human actually understands what you’re saying!
Here’s how it works. The test shows an image of your site and in
The image goes away!
Then there are a series of questions that you get to define. I normally ask the following:
“What was the main offer on the page?” and “What was the next step”
The responses can be…well… mind-boggling. I’d highly recommend giving this a shot before your next campaign.
Or do the “Free” version and try this internally (preferably with someone not on your team)
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard