Issue #87: Stop competing on “better”…do this instead!

This week, I wanted to dive into a positioning trick that really helped our team PLUS remind you about a service we don’t nearly advertise enough.
🤐 Stop Saying You’re Better Than Your Competition!
Everyone wants to be the best…but how is it that EVERY vendor continues to claim they’re better than their competition?
Well…they likely aren’t. Being better is way too subjective and not a useful measure for your prospects.
Instead of highlighting what makes you better, you need to point out what makes you different.
Every company has its own stories, values, perspectives, and processes. Lean into these, it’s what makes a real connection with your audience.
They’ll see your unique qualities and authentic characteristics, aligning their needs and values with what you have to offer.
They don’t care about who is the best, it’s about being you, offering something they can’t get anywhere else.
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Until next week,
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