Issue #63: This ONE change stops churn in its tracks

In this week’s newsletter, let’s talk about why agencies have to stop with the “performance guarantee” offers. Ready? Let’s dive in!
❌ Performance Guarantees: Why They Need to Go
Performance agencies offering “results or you don’t pay” sound appealing on the surface. You think this makes the offer so attractive that clients just can’t say no.
…But in reality, it’s an ineffective tactic that makes your clients look at you in the same way as they look at Nigerian Prince email scams.
Risk reversal for your clients isn’t just about cash: Time is a crucial factor, and a “no-results, no-pay” guarantee won’t return any wasted time.
Additionally, these types of offers actually make you look less confident and naive. You’re already getting it into the client’s head that you may not be able to produce, so they are going to be unsure if you can actually do the job!
As for naivety, marketing has no guarantees, and a blanket statement promising specific results fails to consider a business’s unique needs. Not a great look at all.
Instead position yourself as a growth partner – as their marketing arm. Don’t pigeonhole yourself as a lead jockey, be the go-to resource that helps them grow their business based on their individual needs.
📅 Live Sales Training Tomorrow: Close More Clients Without Feeling Icky
Tomorrow sales expert Alex Schlinsky is going to share how to use psychology to close more deals. This is the perfect training for any agency and is even better for those of you who need some help transitioning from lead guarantees to growth partner.
Here are the details:
What: Closing Mastery – The Psychology Behind The 1 Call Close
Date: April 20th
Time: 11 AM CST
Who: Alex Schlinksky, Founder, Prospecting on Demand Justin Rondeau, President InvisiblePPC
Click here to save your spot. We’ll be sending the recording to all registrants, so even if you can’t make it, sign up!
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