Issue #93: Terrible Advice: Give ‘til it hurts


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A certain muscled marketer launched a book a few months back that captured the attention of nearly every marketer on the planet.
It was an absolute spectacle, but my team and I thought some of the takeaways would do more harm than good to small businesses, and that’s what I want to talk about this week!
🛑 Do NOT Give Until it Hurts…
Value-first content is your ultimate key to getting your foot in the door and a way to set yourself apart from the crowd, stay top of mind with your audience, and position yourself as an expert.
This type of content is the best way to move someone through your customer journey…so you can’t simply give it away. You need content with a plan instead of just throwing concepts into the ether in hopes of a dollar returning.
Every time a business or marketing personality talks about giving away the farm or un-gating all your content, they’re doing this for two reasons:
  1. They have the means for a longer return on investment for the marketing efforts
  2. They’re trying to sell you consulting, a framework, products, or pieces of software (*cough cough* Drift’s “formless revolution”)
The fact of the matter is that 35% of marketers STILL report that their most effective content is their gated content.
Sure, gated content isn’t generating revenue immediately but once you’ve exchanged contact information for value, that’s when things get fun.
If you do something well, you shouldn’t do it for free. So look at the content you’re producing and make sure it’s working for you.
🎉 …But Still Give Value Where You Can
While Most businesses don’t have the time or money to just continuously provide free value in hopes of a ROI, it doesn’t mean you should stop providing valuable content to generate leads & sales!
That’s why we’ve committed to doing our FREE monthly training for the last 2 years. This month we’re distilling down everything we’ve learned managing & optimizing ads for the last 12 years!
See, we’re giving insane value but it’s not really hurting…
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Thursday, November 16th
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