Issue #44: The simple PPC budget formula

This week, I want us to get back to basics. I have a step-by-step method to set your clients’ PPC budget and a new service for anyone that’s needed development help.
🤡 Marketing Tip: Foolproof PPC Budget Recommendation Strategy
When we’re chatting with prospects and partners, one of the most frequent questions we get is “What sort of budget should we go with?”
Like all things in marketing, the answer depends…but I want to share a simple way to come up with a budget recommendation for ANY client.
Step 1:
Use Google’s Keyword Planner Tool to find the average CPC for your keywords
Step 2:
Multiply the CPC by 50. We recommend shooting for at least 50 clicks per day.
Step 3:
Assuming 30 days in a month, take the product from step 2 and multiply by 30. .
And that’s it. Now you have a good basis for a starting budget.
If you find yourself asking, “Avi why did you start with CPC’s? Shouldn’t we be looking at cost per conversion?”
While conversions and CPA are king when managing an active account, when you kick off a brand new account you need to guarantee you have enough data to optimize.
SImply put, if you’re only getting a click or two a day, you won’t have enough volume to reach the client’s goals.
This method makes sure you’re able to create an agreed upon expectation with your prospect or client before you start managing the account.
⚠️ New Service Alert: Looking for some development help?
During last week’s webinar, we announced our new Developer in a Box program (among some other new pilot projects).
If you’ve been stuck without a solid developer because you either don’t know how to hire/manage the team or it’s been outside of your budget…we should talk.
Fill out this quick form, and we’ll set up a time to chat about the program!
Talk to you next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard