Issue #114:The Two Word Client Confidence Killer

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This week, we’re tackling a phrase that’s all too common in our industry: “It Depends.”
While it’s often an honest attempt to provide nuanced answers, we’ll explore why these two words might be undermining your authority and how you can pivot to build stronger client confidence.
🚫 The Pitfall of “It Depends”
At first glance, “It Depends” might seem like a safe response, especially when faced with complex questions about outcomes, strategies, or timelines. It’s true, digital marketing is complex and outcomes can vary, but reliance on this phrase can inadvertently signal indecisiveness or a lack of expertise to your clients.
Why It’s a Problem:
  1. Erodes Confidence: Clients look to you for certainty and leadership. “It Depends” can leave them feeling uncertain about your capabilities.
  2. Missed Opportunity: Every question is a chance to showcase your knowledge and build trust. Vague answers miss this opportunity.
  3. Lacks Proactivity: It suggests a passive approach rather than a proactive strategy in tackling challenges.
✅ Crafting Confident, Comprehensive Responses
So, how do you maintain honesty about the complexities of marketing while steering clear of confidence-eroding vagueness? Here are strategies to replace “It Depends” with answers that fortify trust:
  1. Acknowledge Complexity, Then Simplify: Begin by recognizing the complexity of their question. “That’s a great question with several factors at play…” Then, break down your answer into digestible, simplified insights that provide clarity.
  2. Provide Examples: Instead of leaving things in the air, anchor your responses with examples. “In situations like X, we’ve found that Y strategy tends to work well because…”
  3. Offer Frameworks: Present models or frameworks that guide your decision-making process. “We approach these situations by considering three key factors…”
  4. Be Honest about Uncertainties: Not sure? That’s OKAY – just don’t pretend like it’s all good and hide behind the “It Depends” shield.
  5. Set Clear Next Steps: End with actionable steps. “To give you a precise answer, our next step would be to…”
🔍 Real-World Scenarios
  • Scene: A client asks how long it will take to see results from a new campaign.
  • Instead of: “It depends 🤷”
  • Try Saying: “Typically, campaigns like these begin showing initial results in 2-3 months. We’ll closely monitor performance indicators like X and Y, adjusting our strategy to optimize outcomes.”
🛠 Why This Approach Works
Replacing “It Depends” with structured, informed responses does more than just avoid a potential trust gap; it demonstrates your agency’s proactive stance, deep understanding of the industry, and commitment to client success. This approach fosters a partnership built on transparency, expertise, and mutual respect.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard