Issue #51: They converted…now what?

This week I wanted to talk about one of my favorite pages on your website and how, when they’re done well, can turn into an assisted conversion machine. Let’s jump into it.
🤖 Marketing Tip: The Thank You Page is your Money Page
Marketers are too hung up on front-end conversion rates. They stress over the landing page design, the messaging, the CTA form, the back-end automation, and every other detail that’s associated with the converting action.
This is all fine and dandy, but most marketers forget about a critical part of the experience: The Thank You Page.
A prospect/customer is most excited the moment has signed up or purchased something. When folks are excited about you and your brand, they’re more likely to take the logical next step in your funnel.
If your Thank You page is just confirming the action…you’ve got to make a change and get some next step offers on there!
Every lead thank you page includes the following:
  1. Affirming the previous action, e.g, Thank you for signing up for [lead magnet name], I know you’re going to love it…
  2. Details on how to access the content, e.g., We sent your copy of [lead magnet name] to [their email]
  3. Transition to the next logical step, e.g., While you’re here – you should check out [next logical offer]
EVEN IF they don’t take action immediately, you’ve shifted their mindset.
Now when you follow up, you’re reminding them about something versus introducing something brand new!
This is powerful and takes a lot of awkward heavy lifting out of your automation sequences.
📅 Reminder: Onboarding & Comms Training with ClickUp on Jan 26th
This is a bit of a brag, but ever since we implemented our new onboarding SOPs in ClickUp we cut down the average time to get a new account live from 5 weeks all the way down to 6 working days!
Not only are we able to get clients’ accounts live faster – these accounts stick around with us longer!
All through better onboarding and communication that starts before a client signs with us.
In this training, Justin will share how we did all of this and how you can do this at your agency too.
Here are the details:
What: The Sticky Agency’s Guide to Onboarding & Comms
Date: January 26
Time: 12 PM CST
Who: Justin Rondeau, President InvisiblePPC
Talk soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard