Issue #30: This toy changed my hiring process

Today I’ve got a tip about how to get more quality out of your lead forms without sacrificing conversions & an invite to training you cannot miss! Let’s get to it.
🧊 Business Tip: Add [some] friction while hiring…yes even for “experts”
One of my business philosophies, especially in marketing, is that you can’t and shouldn’t be a “Know it All” company. Instead, you want a skilled team that embraces a “Learn it all” mentality.
They shared the average completion rate of forms based on the number of fields:
The fact is, marketing is constantly changing and you can’t just rely on methods and tactics that worked in the past. You need a team that is going to stay up to date and RUN toward change versus away from it.
That’s why I introduced the Rubik’s cube to our hiring process for all new hires. Here’s how it works:
  1. When we extend an offer, we require a candidate to showcase, in a video, that they can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 5 minutes without instructions in front of them before their first day.
  2. We share tutorial videos and training so they can learn the puzzle
  3. They shoot the video and they’re ready to go.
This test shows the candidate’s willingness to take on unfamiliar tasks and expand their skills, a critical behavior for an industry where tactics and strategies are only temporary.
Yes, you should do this for all hires…even your most senior. I’ve let some folks get away with not doing the cube, and I always ran into performance and ego issues.
Now that I’ve made it a requirement, we’ve seen an increase in staff retention and overall eNPS.
Don’t be afraid to add a little bit of friction, even during the Great Recession!
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Talk next week,
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