Issue #55: This Traffic Strategy Just Works

This week I wanted to share a tested traffic strategy that is largely ignored because it’s…old. Let’s get into it.
🤖 Marketing Tip: This Traffic Strategy STILL Works
Business owners have shiny object syndrome. Do you know who else has this? Marketers!
So if you own a marketing agency…well you’ve got SUPER shiny object syndrome.
The thing is, there are tried-and-true strategies that still work that get ignored because they are no longer cutting edge.
That’s why I wanted to share a ~8-year-old traffic strategy that continues to generate us high-quality ToFu leads for under $5.
Step 1: Invest in promoting a piece of ungated content with in-line, relevant CTAs. An easy way to do this is with the hybrid gate. Make sure to optimize for traffic – so shoot for as low CPC as possible. This is how you start to build your retargeting audience and
You’ll want to invest 20-30% of your ad budget here.
In our case, we promote our Google Ads Audit Blog post. This is something that our audience is interested in and would be more likely to click on.
Step 2: Promote a piece of gated content that is useful but incomplete. Don’t give away your secret sauce, but give something out that can help your audience understand a specific concept or complete a certain task.
Checklists, calculators, & swipe files are king here. We use our Smart Niche Sheet as the lead driver here. Why? Because anyone who would want this type of data is more likely to be an agency owner who is offering or thinking about offering PPC.
IMPORTANT: When you’re building your funnel out here, don’t forget to avoid stop signs and introduce the next step of the funnel on the thank you page and in follow-up emails.
Step 3: Retarget the first two audiences to your deep Mid Funnel (MoFu) to Bottom Funnel (BoFu) offer. Selling a course? Promote it. Got a hyper-specialized piece of content that is essential to the buyer journey? Promote that!
For us, all roads lead through our “How to Sell PPC to Clients” course. ~12% of the folks who take this course book a discovery meeting. Factoring in our total media cost, that means we spend ~$80 per QUALIFIED meeting.
…Even better, since using this strategy, we’ve been getting better-quality folks who are educated in our process and terminology. This makes the close that much easier.
WARNING: DO NOT retarget for discovery meetings! You’ll get very low interest and the meeting will cost too much. Use automations and manual follow-up to get them on the call.
📅 Live Training Tomorrow: Find Out Why Your KPIs are HURTING Your Business
Okay…I know I just shared a whole lot of funnel KPIs and we invited Keith to teach you why KPIs can actually hurt your business.
Your performance indicators are essential for top-level understanding, but often lack context. Keith is going to teach you how to analyze your funnel to give you the context you need to crush your targets in 2023.
Here are the details:
What: Beyond KPIs: Uncovering the High and Low Performers in Your Marketing Funnel
Date: February 16
Time: 11 AM CST
Who: Keith Perhac, Founder SegMetrics
Justin Rondeau, President InvisiblePPC
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard