Issue 127: Tired of Being Ghosted by Freelancers?

This week I wanted to talk about the #1 issue we hear when agencies talk about freelancers: getting Ghosted. Okay, let’s dive into it.
Why Go With a Freelancer in the First Place?
Freelancers sound awesome. You get to keep your headcount low, get specialized talent on demand, and keep costs down. Heck, Fiverr had a SUPERBOWL commercial about hiring freelancers – it’s mainstream.
While they are a budget-friendly option, especially for small businesses and startups. There can be issues with quality, timeliness, and the big one GHOSTING.
Most freelancers aren’t doing this to be a jerk…but here’s why they might ghost your next project and how to avoid it:
They Took on too Many Clients
Freelancers manage multiple clients, and that can cause them to transform into busy bees who might not be there every time you need them. Their attention can get divided, causing delays in responding to urgent projects or them going MIA.

Hiring tip: Ask them about their current bandwidth

Scaling Is Hard
Freelancers can face issues when it comes to scaling up. They are a one-person army, but when the projects demand more, they can get overwhelmed, and with no strings attached – they can slip out of the picture without a word!

Hiring tip: Ask them about their team, if they have one.

Lack of Support
Freelancers bring their dedication to the table but the lack of access to advanced tools and technologies can make it difficult for them to produce results that you might expect. The friction between their output and your expectations can get frustrating and their easy way out can be…ghosting!

Hiring tip: Ask them about the tools and tech they use to complete the job.

Communication can be Tricky
Dealing with 10 clients alone and letting each of them know about every tiny detail of their projects isn’t fun or why they got into the freelance business. Often, communication becomes an issue in keeping up with the clients, and ghosting becomes an easy alternative to face client frustration.

Hiring tip: Ask them about their communication frequency and medium.

Personal Days Off
Freelancers need a break too… but sometimes these breaks (…or breakdowns) can be while you are expecting an urgent delivery on the other end. Their concerns can sometimes take the best of them, and with no one to cover up on their behalf, the end result can be that you just do not hear back from them.

Hiring tip: Ask about regular availability and what’s their notification process for lack of availability.

We know these talented individuals can add a lot of value to your work, but they also bring with them a lot of reservations, limitations and the looming fear of you getting ghosted.

Don’t want to deal with all that? That’s where we can help…at least on the marketing side of things.

When you outsource work to InvisiblePPC, you’re not getting a single freelancer or contractor. You’re getting a team of full time employees we’ve vetted, managed, and trained, so you never have to worry about getting ghosted on a key project.
If you need someone to take care of your clients’ Google PPC, Meta Ads, or Local SEO tasks, our team is here to help.
Until next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard