Issue #48: Top 3 Agency & Marketing Tips of 2022

Another year is [almost] in the books! First of all, THANK YOU for being a reader of The Blink.
I’ve had so much fun providing agency and marketing content to you during 2022 and will continue sending weekly issues next year!
This week, I wanted to share the top 3 most read newsletters this year. Oh, and if you want to see EVERY newsletter we sent out in 2022, you can view them here (just scroll down a little).
Okay, let’s kick off the countdown!
#3 Most Read Issue: Your home page (might) be brokenNobody wants their baby to be ugly…or worse broken. So when this subject line hit the inbox, 29% of you gave it an open.
I saw an eye-opening post on LinkedIn similar to what I shared in our last issue about not fitting copy to design but fitting your design to copy. They went a step further and classified the TYPE of content on a homepage into three categories: Persuasive, Feature, & Fluff.
Here’s the breakdown:
Feature Copy: 60%
Fluff Copy: 30%
Persuasive Copy: 10%
The problem is that most homepages are a list of features. They put too much of their effort into describing ‘The What’.
Obviously, you need to include what your offering is…but you need to go further than that.
You need to position your product or service in a way that resonates with your audience and covers WHY they should even care in the first place.
So do yourself a favor today and check out a client’s homepage or your own and evaluate whether your page answers the following questions successfully:
  1. What is it?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What do I do next?
#2 Most Read Issue: What’s Your Pitch? Question subject lines still have some serious power. Add in an appeal to ego, asking the recipient about themself, and you have a newsletter that 30% of you decided to give a read.
#1 Most Read Issue: You’ve Only Got 5 Minutes – Open loop, curiosity based email plus an amazing lesson our friends at HighLevel shared with us at a conference in September. 31% of you opened this and learned this key conversion strategy.
It doesn’t matter how good your leads are – if you don’t follow up fast enough, they’re not going to convert.
The Harvard Business Review found that leads convert 22 times more often if you make contact within the first five minutes. And companies that respond first while a customer is comparison shopping have a 238% higher conversion rate!
Frankly, these numbers are staggering, but this one takes the cake:
25% of the companies surveyed in this study thought they responded within 5 minutes…but only 5% actually did.
Do yourself a favor and carve out some time this week to look at your webform funnels and see how quickly you’re following up, providing value, and moving prospects to the next steps. The numbers show that you’re likely NOT following up fast enough and leaving significant money on the table.
Happy New Year!
CEO & Chief Wizard