Issue #20: What’s Your Agency’s Superpower?

The agency space can be a lonely, lonely business. Thanks for being a reader of the Blink and I hope each issue reminds you there’s a whole community out there to help you grow!
Alright, let’s jump in…
🆕 Business Tip: New agency or solo-shop? Try this!
Yesterday a solo agency owner asked, “How many services should I offer as a one-person show?”
I had a pretty quick answer: ONE.
One service that you’re ridiculously good at that solves a problem for a specific niche.
This keeps you specialized, brands you as “The [insert specialty] Person”, and allows you to build Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) around delivering the service, and the more you do it…the more you can charge!
The next question is: “How do I scale once I’ve nailed that service?”
You have three options if you want to stay lean and maintain wide margins:
  1. New line items of your “superpower” service
    Create a light version and a premier version. As you attract more clients it’s easy to duplicate yourself with the SOPs you constructed while mastering this particular service.
  2. Offer your “superpower” service to additional niches
    This is pretty straightforward…take what you’ve built and offer it to another niche. Warning – DO NOT make it a solution for all!
  3. Expand to a complimentary service with a fulfillment partner
    Bolt-on services are the fastest way to grow an agency. But that requires hiring and investing in tech & training leading to thinner margins.
If you work with a white label fulfillment partner, you can attract new customer types, sell the new service to your current client base, and maintain your margins. We call this the “get paid to do no additional work” option!
For obvious reasons, we’re partial to #3, but the first two options are pretty good 😉!
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