Issue #11: Your Unused Content Goldmine

Today we’re covering a way to win over prospects with transparency, unveiling a content goldmine you’re sitting on, and have a special invitation for later this month.
🙀 Biz Tip: Talk About Your Competition
Stop trying to hide your competition from your prospects and customers. Your customer is WELL AWARE of your competition.
In fact, a prospect has completed 57%-70% of their research before they connect with your sales team.
Talk about your competitors outright and make it easier for your customer to compare. Let them know your strengths AND your weaknesses. If you control the narrative, then you’ll create more trust and transparency with your prospects…and they really like that!
📅Mark Your Calendars: This Month’s Webinar is Thursday, April 14th
We’ve got another webinar this month that’s going to cover something you’re really going to love: Google Ads Audit: Strategy and Tactics.
By the end of this webinar, you’ll know everything that goes into a well-designed Google Ad Audit and be way more confident discussing these topics with your clients and prospects.
Uh-oh this webinar already happened.
The reply is only available to InvisiblePPC partners and our Agency Insiders.
Agency Insider includes:
  • Access to this training and all previous Insider trainings
  • Pre-sales materials to make discovery calls a breeze
  • 170+ (and counting) case studies you can use to show prospects you can handle their accounts
  • Swipe files that take all the heavy lifting out of the sales and onboarding process
  • Our landing page template library
  • Direct access to a community of agencies (plus the IPPC team)
Talk next week,
CEO & Chief Wizard