Issue #113:You’re talking too much

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Whoever is taking your sales calls is talking WAY TOO much. This week I wanted to share a few ways to help close more deals by saying a lot less on the call. Let’s dive in…
🔍 The Power of Silence: Boosting Close Rates
Fact: Salespeople who dominate conversations during discovery calls have lower close rates.
The team at highlights that the optimal talk-to-listen ratio should lean heavily towards the client speaking, approximately a 46:54 split.
Whether you’re taking the calls yourself or have a team doing it for you, I’m going to bet the “seller” is talking anywhere from 65-75% of the time!
👂 Why Listening Wins
Simply put – people want to be heard, not sold to! Listening more lets you:
Builds Trust: When clients feel listened to, it fosters a sense of trust and understanding, laying a solid foundation for a fruitful relationship.
Uncovers Pain Points: More talk time for clients means more opportunities for them to reveal their challenges and goals, enabling tailored solutions.
Personalizes the Experience: Active listening allows you to gather insights to customize your pitch, making it resonate more deeply with their specific needs.
It’s important to note that you only get these benefits if the salesperson truly understands their target market, if they can’t empathize or provide solutions the prospect will feel like the call was a complete waste of time.
🎙️ Getting Them to Open Up: Tips & Tricks
  • Open-Ended Questions: Kick off with questions that invite elaboration. “What prompted you to seek out our services?” This encourages detailed responses and deeper engagement.
  • The Mirror Technique: Reflect the last three words your prospect says in a curious tone. It encourages them to elaborate and shows you’re paying attention.
  • The Pause: After asking a question, allow a pause. It gives them space to think and often leads to more thoughtful answers.
  • Summarize & Validate: Periodically summarize what they’ve said and validate their concerns. “So, what I’m hearing is… Does that sound right?”
🎭 Scenario Playbook
  • The Overwhelmed Client: They list a myriad of issues without a clear priority. Your Move: Use the mirror technique to dive deeper into each concern, helping them to prioritize.
  • The Reluctant Sharer: Some clients offer minimal detail. Your Move: Employ open-ended questions to peel back the layers of their needs.
  • The Decisive Planner: They know what they want and are clear about their goals. Your Move: Summarize and validate to demonstrate understanding and alignment.
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