3x Your Close Rate with this Proven PPC Prospect Pitch

Transform how you pitch local businesses with a strategy that highlights their competitors’ weaknesses. By the end of this training you’ll know exactly how to get your prospect’s attention and get them begging to work with you. We’ll cover:
  • How to Trigger the Competitive Response: Equip your clients with a vivid comparison of how they fare against their direct competitors in their local area.
  • Positioning Yourself as the Expert (Even if You’re Not): This pitch is designed to make you look like you have your finger on the pulse of your target niche’s market.
  • Results Driven Promises: Clearly show what’s possible when they work with you and what to expect when they come onboard.
Join us and master the art of crafting pitches that not only impress but convert, by turning competitive intelligence & historical data into compelling sales narratives.
Justin Rondeau
Avi Kumar
Chief Wizard & CEO

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