Definitive Google Ads Launch Checklist for Local Businesses

We’re laying out the blueprint for a flawless Google Ads campaign launch. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or just stepping into the world of Google Ads, this checklist, honed over the last 12 years of experience, will be your Google Ad easy button.
During this session, Avi Kumar & Justin Rondeau will share:
+ The Pre-Launch Essentials that save you SO much time later on
+ Proven Campaign Structures for local businesses that you can cut and paste over and over again
+ Ad Creative and Offer Types that FLAT OUT WORK
+ Tracking Pitfalls & QA Shortcuts
+ Ad Extensions & Ad Scheduling for Better Performance Out of the Gate
+ And much more…
Do NOT miss this one, this Ad Setup formula is 12 years in the making. See you there!
Avi Kumar
Chief Wizard & CEO
Justin Rondeau

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