How to Get Businesses Found Online with Local SEO

Local SEO Spells the difference for any business in today’s marketing landscape and we are going to break down how. If you are looking to get your client’s business on the map…literally…then Local SEO will be a game-changer when it comes to showing up and standing apart from your competition.
During this session, Avi Kumar & Chinmayi Kulkarni will cover:
  1. Overview of Prospective Pitch to Get Local SEO Clients
  2. How to Onboard a Local SEO Client
  3. Biz. Audit Methodology Post-Onboarding
  4. Details about Local Biz. Services and Scope
  5. Website Layout and Technical Infrastructure
  6. Everything about Link-building, Web copy
Avi Kumar
Chief Wizard & CEO
Chin Kulkarni

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