Mastering Google PPC Ads Management: The Ultimate Hands-on-Training!

Nearly every advertiser reports seeing worse results with the same (or more) spend. We don’t want you to be one of those advertisers! In this month’s training, we’ll share everything you need to get an edge for your client’s ads. You’ll learn:
  • Bird’s Eye View of all your Ads Settings, without digging through Google Ads settings menus and sub-menus
  • What you should do with Google Suggestions and when can you safely ignore them
  • Find all the search terms and sub strings in search terms that are draining your ad budget without conversions
  • Proactively monitor performance with custom alerts at Account, Campaign, Ad set, and Ad Levels.
  • Negate non-converting keywords from curated niche-based Lists.
Justin Rondeau
Avi Kumar
Chief Wizard & CEO

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