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White Label PPC Services

What is white label PPC?

White labelling PPC means that you are using another agency’s PPC service but selling it to your clients as your own.

This means that it’s important to understand the ins and outs of your provider’s service so that you can sell it effectively to your clients.

It’s another way to grow and scale your business without the hassle of working with unreliable contractors, or the expense of hiring in-house. It also cuts out the need for purchasing bidding and reporting tools as well as other costly products you’ll need to help serve your clients better.

Who is it for?

Agency owners who do not have the resources to deliver outstanding PPC results for their clients in-house.

If you’re in a position where you want or need to offer PPC to your clients but don’t have the time or skills to deliver the service, you would benefit from our proven and reliable white label solution.

That being said, if you’re looking for a “set it and forget it solution”, we’re probably not the right fit for you. We value communication and collaboration. Think of us as your strategic PPC Partner!

Whats included in our
White label PPC management service?

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  • Google Tag Manager setup
  • Conversion tracking setup
  • Call tracking and recording setup
  • Fully test all tracking
  • Onboarding call for each new client
  • Your reporting dashboard setup

Account Management

  • 25 point weekly management checklist
  • Daily account monitoring
  • Bid optimizations
  • Negative keyword analysis
  • Device and time of day optimizations
  • Ad copy split testing

Account Build

  • Keyword research
  • Tried and tested account structure
  • Write compelling ad copy
  • Landing page development 
  • Goal setting
  • Retargeting setup (When allowed by Google)


  • Call tracking included
  • Agency reporting dashboard
  • Client access to white label dashboard
  • Monthly reports
  • Regular review calls
  • Optional advanced reporting

What campaigns do we run?

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Google Remarketing Image
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What does white label PPC cost?

Management starting at


per month
One time onboarding fee starting at $495
Conversion & Call Tracking/Recording Setup
Google My Business linking to Google Ads
New Account Build/Restructure
Keyword Research
Ad Creation & Ongoing Split Testing
Ongoing Account Management & Optimizations
Email/Chat Support
Monthly Automated Reporting
Reporting Dashboard

Optional add ons

Got some additional requirements that aren’t covered in the standard service? See our à la carte list below…

3rd Party Platform Tracking or Integration $100 p/h
Call Reviews $100 p/h
Report Notes & Commentary $50 p/m
Custom Display Ads From $99
YouTube Campaigns $49 set up
Landing Page Creation $300
Specific Campaign Build Requirements Custom

What extras can we provide  for your PPC agency?

Free white label PPC proposals

Our proposals have helped our Partners close over $2 million in new ad spend in the last 2 years.

Most teams spend hours each month creating “hit and miss” proposals for prospects. By becoming an InvisiblePPC partner you gain access to our pre sales support tools that include free proposal creation.  

Let our experts craft fully white labeled proposals for your team, enabling you to focus on the things that are going to move your business forward… building relationships and closing more deals.

white label ppc proposal
white label ppc landing page

PPC landing page design

Ensure that your clients get the best possible conversion rates by using dedicated PPC landing pages.

Sending traffic to a page that has not been specifically built to convert cold traffic can be one of the fastest ways to ensure poor Google Ads performance.

PPC landing pages have an important role to play in the success of each and every campaign that goes live. Our design team have spent years building and optimizing high converting landing pages so that your clients can get the very best results.

White label banner ad design

Improve click through rates on your client’s display campaigns with custom designed eye catching banners.

Display campaigns can be a great way to create brand awareness or retarget previous site visitors, but with attention spans at an all time low, your clients ads need to stand out from the crowd.  

Our custom banner ad design service makes sure that your client is not only seen but is noticed. Getting noticed is key to any display campaign and can drastically improve click through rates and ultimately, conversions.

white label ppc banner ads
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How does communication work?

Between InvisiblePPC and you

Your main point of communication will be your monthly review call with your InvisiblePPC account director.

These calls will be structured so that you meet at a regular time each month to discuss performance, strategy and any concerns. This enables you to bring any and all questions to the table before your dedicated expert dives into specific account strategy with you.

Of course, if there’s a true emergency that needs dealing with right away, our support team are on hand to help you put out those fires!

Between you and your client

You’re white labelling our proven PPC service, not an end-to-end delivery that includes communication.

As your white label service provider, we turn all of the cogs, advise you on strategy and give you all of the tools that you need to deliver results for your clients.

The client relationship is handled by you.

Our team can help you build a best practice client communication plan so that you can make sure you keep them happy, engaged and in the loop at all times.

What do our white label PPC experts bring to the table?

A caring mentality

Our team actually cares about you, your business and your client’s results. When it comes to our partnerships, it’s not just business, it’s relationships that matter.

Dedication to outstanding results

There’s always room for improvement. We take pride in striving for better results each and every day and we’ve got the skills and tools to deliver.

Years of PPC knowledge

The vast majority of our team come from agency backgrounds bringing years of PPC and agency specific knowledge that’s yours to unlock.

What our white label PPC Partners say...

Five star rating review for white label ppc

"It’s particularly crucial for us that we can trust our client’s campaigns into their hands without having to check in to the accounts to ensure everything is okay – we know they’ve got it covered, and their reporting is comprehensive and punctual. We’d highly recommend InvisiblePPC."

Camilla W.

white label ppc 5 star rating

"I've been working with the InvisiblePPC team for 4 years now and I am very happy. We met the team at a seminar, liked what we heard and started a conversation with them. We were happy to see that their processes and quality of work matched our own (and they were able to grow with us). Now, they manage ALL of our Google Ads clients and we're happy that they do."

Kyle B.

white label ppc rating 5 stars

"InvisiblePPC has been an invaluable resource for my agency for years. They provide us with the best consultation, implementation and reporting that I've ever experienced with an outsourced provider. InvisiblePPC gets results so we look like heroes to our clients."

Clarence F.