Google Organic Position Tracking Database

If you’re wondering when the next release of SEMRUSH’s database will be, it might help to know that they update their data every Tuesday at 10:00 PM. This is a roundabout way of saying that new updates are due out this coming Tuesday night!

How Does SEMRUSH Get Its Data?

SEMRUSH gets its data by crawling SERPs on Google. com and other international versions of Google.

Why Should I Care About SEMRUSH Updates?

If you’re looking at the results of a competitor’s brand name then it makes sense that new results will show up.

How Reliable Is Semrush Data?

Semrush has a good reputation for getting its data right. But many marketers have caught on that their data isn’t actually very good. Our team of data scientists did a deep dive to see how accurate is SEMRUSH’s database… And the results were astounding.

After Analyzing 21 Websites Spending $214,300 On Google Ads Every Month We Found Semrush, Spyfu & iSpionage Reporting 10% or Less of The Actual Results!

You can read the full comparison here.