Author: Justin Rondeau


Beta Testing: Type, Feature & Everything Else

Want to test your product before launching it? Then Beta testing is what you are looking for!
Beta testing tests a product or service before it is widely available to the general audience. A limited group of users is selected for their ability to offer feedback and spot issues. Beta tests have 5 types. Learn all about Beta testing in this blog.


Importance of Negative Keywords

Negative keywords, when used effectively, can have a significant positive impact on the success of your PPC ads. Negative keywords are words that you can use in your PPC campaign to avoid your ads from appearing in searches that include them. Learn all about it in this blog!


Beginner’s Guide to Audience Targeting

Are you also wasting money targeting the wrong audience & not getting many conversions? Then the chances are high that your “Audience Targeting” approach is going wrong.
Audience targeting ensures that their ads are only shown to individuals who are most likely to be interested in their product. Master audience targeting skills with this blog.


Onboarding Guide 101: Checklist for New Client

Client onboarding is one of the most key duties for any firm as it directly affects the client’s experience. Proper onboarding builds the customer’s trust in your ability to deliver on the promises made during the sales process. Learn how to master the art of onboarding clients!


Tips to Level Up Your Landing Pages

An effective landing page is frequently seen as the foundation of effective digital marketing. A landing page is a webpage with a single goal, usually to drive conversions, and it forces users to perform a specific action. We’ve created a list of some great tips for leveling up your landing page.

6 Sales Prospecting Tips for Growth Hungry Marketing Agencies

Sales prospecting can be the most time consuming and least rewarding element of your business if it is not successfully managed with a carefully thought out strategy. A succession of no’s or prospects that eventually run cold can quickly become disheartening to even the most enthusiastic salesman.

PPC Tasks to outsource

PPC Tasks That Agency Owners Should Outsource

For a business to succeed, you need to be smart when it comes to making the most out of your resources. Outsourcing PPC tasks can free up your time for more valuable endeavours.

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