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A Guide To Google Ads Performance Planner

Google Ads can seem tricky but not with the Performance Planner. Our guide uncovers how this Google Ads tool uses data to predict and optimize campaign performance, ensuring the maximum ROI. Get insights into informed decision-making, budget optimization, performance improvement etc with the Performance Planner.


10 Key Google Ads Extension: To Elevate Your CTR

Uncover the power of Google Ads Extensions! This guide offers insights into the top 10 extensions for enhancing CTR, with detailed explanations and tips for each. Learn how to optimize your campaigns and drive superior performance.


ROAS 101: The Beginner’s Guide to Advertising ROI

Join us in our easy-to-understand guide about ROAS. Check if your ads are working well, make them better, & ROAS calculator to make easy calculations. and Learn how to use data to make smart marketing choices.


PPC 101: Everything you need to know about Call Tracking

Have you ever wondered how companies track their call volume? Call tracking is a vital tool for analyzing the efficiency of marketing campaigns. This blog post will teach you everything you need to know about call tracking and how to set it up.