Is SemRush Accurate?

After Analyzing 21 Websites Spending $214,300 On Google Ads Every Month We Found Semrush, Spyfu & iSpionage Reporting 10% or Less of The Actual Results.

Here are 2 of the 6 random examples of the case study findings.

  1. Niche: Plumbing – Service Plumber In Las Vegas, Nevada With a Verified Monthly Ad Spend Of $12,000. shows this domain is spending $0 on Google Ads, and is bidding on 0 keywords.
  2. Niche: B2B Loans Targeting The Entire USA With A Verified Ad Spend Of $7,500. shows this domain is spending $0 on Google Ads, and is bidding on 0 keywords.

So if you came here looking to find out if semrush has accurate data – the answer is No.

See the full traffic data case study showcasing how in-accurate the competitive analysis data is that semrush provides here.

If you’re looking for accurate data you can use something like google analytics data, or google webmaster tools.

But if you’re looking for a google ads spy tool be sure to check out its the only tool of its kind and is quickly gaining market share from other seo tools, like semrush, spyfu and ispionage.

Typically these SEO tools are considered essential tools and really only do a few core digital marketing things:

  • estimate paid traffic costs from search engines
  • show what keywords domains are bidding on
  • report what ads are running for what keywords
  • report how long ads have been running (the longer may mean the higher chance they are working)
  • keyword research tools
  • keyword difficulty for a particular keyword or batch of keywords
  • website traffic estimators
  • report individual keyword volume or keyword’s search volume
  • report on organic traffic
  • report on paid search results
  • compare competing websites
  • allow you to track or monitor particular sites
  • traffic analytics tools
  • show historical data
  • site audit
  • backlink analysis
  • backlink profiles
  • link building analysis

But if at the end of the data they don’t have the most accurate data… How essential is the tool?

In other words, if semrush traffic analytics is so far away from being accurate why use it?

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