Done-For-You PPC Ads Audit

InvisiblePPC’s Audit is designed to “WOW” your prospect and get them to turn into long-term clients

How Your Agency Can Use a PPC Audit

Offer as a Free Audit to Win New Clients

Sell Individually as an Entry Point Offer

Expand Current Clients to PPC Management

What Google Ad Accounts Qualify?

We only accept select accounts where an audit will provide value to your prospects. Here’s who qualifies for an audit:

  • Active Google Ads Account
  • Spend of at least $1000 in the last 30 days
  • Not an Adwords Express account

If the account meets the above criteria, then we can get started once we’re granted access.


“A Google PPC Audit is one of the most versatile tools in your client acquisition & expansion strategy. Let us take care of the audit so you can focus on what matters: your agency”

– Avi Kumar, Chief Wizard at InvisiblePPC

Audit Pricing

No, our audit isn’t free! And here’s why:

  • We have real humans run the audit. It’s not just machines.
  • We’ve got experience!
    10+ years worth of data across 60+ niches.
  • It’s a full strategic analysis of your account with exact recommendations.
  • This is the exact audit and checklist we use when we onboard clients.

Regular Price



IPPC Agency Partner Price

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Great News!

If you close your client & have us manage the account, the audit investment will be credited toward your InvisiblePPC management fee

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