5 Best Google Ads For Dentists & What Makes Them Great

It can be hard to dominate Google Ads in a competitive field like dentistry. We want to help by showing some examples of dentists who are shining

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When it comes to running Google Ads for Dentists, everything is a balancing act. You want to ensure your client’s ads stand out in the sea of search results, but you also need to stay well within Google’s guidelines, whilst creating ads that are engaging and relevant to the end customer. It is a big task, and while some people are wallowing in online obscurity, others are soaring to digital success.

Of course dentistry is an industry with many niches so knowing where your client wants to focus their efforts is a key to success. This helps keep your ad content relevant through both tone and message.


Here are top 5 best google ads for dentistry and why


Family Dentist


Concise but comprehensive is the Holy Grail of Ad copy. You don’t have a lot of space to convey your message so picking key points that convey your approach (in this case- family) stops the customer from being overwhelmed and keeps everything paired down.

Court Square Dentistry has done a great job of prioritising their assets:

  • Comforting and accessible to all ages
  • Available
  • Flexible
  • Innovative
  • Bespoke service
While they will probably expand further on their landing page, this copy checks enough boxes to get any parent interested in knowing more about what Court Square Dentistry can offer. This ad will get you to the next stage, and then it is up to the landing page to secure the conversion.

Budget Dentist

Good teeth do not come cheaply, so budget dentistry has a huge search volume. However it can be a fine line between cheap and crass. Many aiming for the financially challenged run the risk of coming across as patronising, spammy or ‘too-good-to-be-true’. Cost and class do not have to be mutually exclusive and Dentist Brooklyn achieves this by firstly reaffirming their customer’s worth. These guys clarify:
  • Patient value – the clinic’s ability to meet this
  • Family aspect
  • Flexible hours
  • Payment options (multiple times)
  • Reinforced flexible hours
Here the main takeaway is that this dentist practice offers a lot of convenience, both with payment and with hours. The ad also includes the specific opening times and address to reinforce this. It is clear it is for a busy family target audience and does a great job of accruing interest.

Cosmetic Dentistry

This ad definitely appeals to those who are looking to achieve oral beauty. By including soothing vanity terms like natural and beautiful, and combining them with technical phrases, it gives the ad some gravitas. The offer is a secondary benefit, the main draw being a personal appeal to the customer’s appearance. This is backed up with other factors that would appeal to those looking for cosmetic dentistry including:
  • Payment options
  • Experience
  • Limited impact to current teeth
  • Accreditations
  • Endorsements

The ad reassures customers that they will get a quality finished product, that others have tried and tested. This is apparent in the Before and After Photos link as well as the reinforcement of other people’s positive experiences.

Invisalign Dentistry

This is a huge arena to compete in as invisalign keeps gaining more and more traction (and train track braces become a thing of the past). People who are searching for Invisalign already know their options, so the service itself should not need too much explanation, but the ad does need a little more oomph to get it noticed. Here the ad gives a nod to the cosmetic element while also mentioning the area it corrects. It also makes it clear this is not just for teenagers (as many people associate braces with awkward adolescents) through the title. So how is this ad selling itself?
  • Appearance centred achievement
  • Comfort
  • Availability
  • Flexible hours
  • Bespoke to the customer
  • Offer
While so many ads put the offer first, instead the incentive is later, ensuring the customer notes the accessibility, availability and the possibility of achieving all their dreams with a bit of dental work! The inclusion of trademarked names helps build authority, while the meet the doctor link means you can quickly build patient trust.

Dental Implants

Dental implants and All on 4 treatments are completely taking over the silver market, however digitally marketing to an older audience can be a challenge. Dental implants can also be a treatment for patients of any age, so some marketers are paving the way with carefully crafted ads that offer everything you want in such few characters. Freeman Dental Associates clearly point out their benefits:
  • Confidence in the visual
  • Stable and sturdy
  • Natural
  • Positive environment (multiple times)
While there is no mention of an offer, they are instead looking to nurture the clientele that will fit with their brand ethos as opposed to attracting people who would be happier in one of the other categories. It may not promote cutting edge treatments or a promise to make you incredibly beautiful, but it does reassure and welcome those who know exactly what they are looking for- a dentist!

How Can You Incorporate This Into Your Ads?

Seeing other people do well in this market, should help inspire your own ads, but what are the main takeaways from these 5 examples? As we said at the beginning, understanding your client and their niche is key to reaching their audience in an engaging and relevant way, so sit down and have a chat with the client about who you are really targeting.

Being concise and yet confident and comprehensive may seem like a big ask, but by breaking your main selling points down into bullet points, it can help make sure you do not miss anything. Beware of overstuffing, a clear message is a successful message and most importantly convey your brand ethos across so you get relevant leads! So, go look at your ads, see if they can be tidied up or paired down and send them back to the battleground of online marketing!

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