4 Tactics For Helping Your Chiropractic Clients Improve Their Marketing

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When it comes to helping clients focus their campaigns and get more effective results for their budget, focussing on the field of expertise is a great place to start streamlining your tactics.

When it comes to helping clients focus their campaigns and get more effective results for their budget, focussing on the field of expertise is a great place to start streamlining your tactics. Each industry will come with a specific target audience and by appealing to the relevant members of the online community, you can make sure your client gets the most relevant leads and the best possible chance of a good conversion rate. This will make your client money (and therefore happy) and you can bask in the glory of your success.

InvisiblePPC decided to kick off with one of the industries we see most regularly – Chiropractors. CPC (cost per click) for some of the most competitive terms can get pricey quickly, so how can you help your chiropractic clients improve their digital marketing without breaking the bank?

Help Them Become The Authority

Improving your marketing online or through more traditional means, is all about building trust in the company. By placing the company in a position of authority in your area of specialism, half of the battle is already won! So how do chiropractors build authority and trust?

Regular blog updates about relevant and timely news in the industry- this could be the company’s opinion on a recent technological advance, breakthrough techniques or even a hypothetical situation that lets the customers know that the company is knowledgeable about that area, and are not afraid to express an opinion.

The Be Well Blog for Chiro One Wellness Centres is a great example of a company adding value and instilling authority without being an obvious sales pitch (which can often cause the customer to go elsewhere). With titles like ‘What’s that Sound? Frequently Asked Questions about the Chiropractic Adjustment’ ‘Are You Doing Self-Care All Wrong?’ and ‘Are My Headaches Normal?’ they answer many questions of a prospective customer while also improving the website’s SEO.

Show Them The Power Of Success Stories

Humans have a herd mentality, so if we see a company that has nothing but good reviews and positive feedback, we are naturally drawn to it. This is especially true in Chiropractics, where success is not subjective. The alleviation of pain, improved mobility and quality of life is a measurable success. It is also associated with medical practice, which some people can find anxiety inducing. Other people talking about friendly staff, a welcoming vibe and chiropractic success pave the way for more customers.

Positive reviews can be found all over the web, whether this is your client’s social media, Google My Business or even review platforms like Yelp. Keep an eye on what their customers are saying (it can even help the end client improve their service) and make sure you put positive feedback somewhere easily found on the website.

Swanson Chiro has an enormous number of positive reviews easily accessible on their website, which helps build confidence and give new customers a flavor of what to expect.

You can be doing the same for your clients with a white label reputation management software.

Help Them Use Social Media- The Right Way

Social Media is a hugely powerful tool – if done well. But to really nail a social media platform it has to be well tended, updated regularly and the customer base has to be interacted with, through likes, comments, shares and responses. One of the most common failings in this area is a company biting off more than they can chew, a facebook, twitter, instagram and stumbleupon account (among others) and then finding themselves unable to keep up with the demands.

Picking two social media platforms, such as facebook and instagram, and creating bespoke content for each platform that is in line with the brand ethos and target audience will set you in better stead than five profiles that are poorly managed.

Dr. Jason has 63.7k followers on his instagram account and 467k subscribers to his youtube account but no facebook to speak of. Which is great because his clients can find him at an alternative, well curated platform!

Help Them Craft A Voice That Is Reassuring

Tone is important for persuading people to click on your client’s ads or convert on a landing page. While builders may be blunt, lawyers can be authoritative, chiropractors are better off heading towards reassuring. Everybody’s health is important to the individual, and so taking a step into a chiropractor’s office can be scary. Instead, your client should make the customer feel at ease and even excited about having their spine realigned.

So where should your client start concentrating on tone? Everywhere they interact with the end customer. Whether that is through their Ads on Google, their landing page or their social media profile. It is also conveyed through more than just words on a page, but the images used, colours chosen and even font can help calm the end client or put them on edge.

To be re-assuring yet maintain an edge of professionalism and an element of selling (your client has a business after all) can be a tricky balancing act. But A to B testing can help you figure out what works for your client.

Mass Sport and Spine do great job of using calming language and muted colours to keep their customers in a tranquil mood before signing up.

There are lots of ways to make your campaign and strategy unique, but finding a formula that works means you can replicate it for other clients in the same field.

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