Author: Avi Kumar


All about CNAME: A Beginner’s Guide

For individuals unfamiliar with technical concepts, CNAME in the domain name world can be confusing. A CNAME, often known as a “canonical name,” is a type of DNS record that enables you to connect one domain name to another. We’ll discuss what a CNAME record is and why it’s essential in this blog post.


Beginner’s Guide to Performance Max

The Performance Max campaign type is an AI-run automated all-in-one campaign type that allows you quick access to all Google Ads platforms. It automates campaign targeting and delivery based on the advertiser’s data.

IPPC- How-to-Choose-Google-Ads-Budget-image

How to Choose a Google Ad Budget

Budgeting is a crucial part of every business plan, and advertising strategies are no exception.
You should base your budget on various elements, like the current marketing budget, desired budget, keywords, CPC & other KPIs to track progress. Learn all about how to plan your Google Ads budget in this blog.


Mini-Guide to Reporting Dashboard

Are you familiar with the term “dashboard”? How to use & style it. How can it help your firm succeed?
It is a Business Intelligence (BI) tool that organizes and visualizes all relevant data in one place. Learn all about creating a successful dashboard & why every marketer should invest in it.

All About SPF, DKIM, and DMARC

Are you an email marketer who doesn’t understand what email authentication is vital? Well, you are not alone!
SPF, DKIM & DMARC are terms used for server authentication. These 3 terms prove that the email sender is an authentic entity & not an impostor. Know all about it in this blog.


What Should You Charge Your Clients?

Are you selling your service for too low? It’s time to know your worth!
Picking the best price for clients is one of the most crucial tasks for any firm. Learn how to select the best pricing model for your services & read all about the 5 pricing models.


7 Reasons to Switch to Google Data Studio Today

Stuck with reporting? Can’t make sense out of so much data? Then Google Data Studio is the perfect tool for designing visually appealing, customizable, interactive dashboards. It is a user-friendly data reporting interface that can help turn raw data into actionable information.


Decoding Keywords Match type and its Importance

Keywords are the backbone digital marketing world. They have the power to make or break your campaigns, so knowing how to use them is crucial to understand. There are mainly 4 types of keyword matches that you must know.