Create a Google Ads MCC in 3 Easy Steps | The InvisiblePPC Simple Answers Series

Creating a Google Ads MCC can sometimes be confusing. It doesn’t have to be. Learn how to set one up with these simple steps!

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An Google Ads MCC, or manager account is the first step an agency needs to take when they begin managing client accounts.

1. Sign Up for a Google Ads MCC

Get started by visiting the Manager Account URL and click the “Start Using Manager Accounts” in the middle of the screen. Do not click the green “Sign Up” button. This will create a regular Google Ads account instead. When you sign up, you’ll want to use the email address you’d like to use for the account. You may need to create a new email address, because the email address you use for the Manager Account cannot be associated with any other Google Ads account.

2. Name Your Google Ads MCC

Now, you’ll give your manager account a name. It’s best to use your business name, but whatever you decide to use should be professional since accounts you link to will see this name. You’ll also need to decide how you’d like to use the account. Will you be using the account to manage your own Google Ads accounts, or will you be managing other people’s accounts? Next, you need to choose your country and time zone as well as currency. Your country and time zone are used for billing and reporting, so it’s likely you’ll want to choose the one you’re physically located in. Either way, consider this carefully because once you save these settings, you won’t be able to change them. When selecting currency, this should be the currency you do business in. This won’t affect your clients; they’ll still be charged in whatever currency their account is set up with. Last, check the box next “Yes, I agree to the above Rules of Use” and click “save and continue.” You’ll probably have to scroll down to get there. At this point your account is set up, and you’ll just need to verify your email to start using your MCC.

3. Verify Your MCC Email

Check the email address you used to create your MCC account. You should receive an email from Google asking you to verify your account. From here, click the link and follow the instructions. Once this is complete, you’re ready to go out and get some customers!

See How It’s Done

Would you prefer to watch a video? Don’t worry, we have that covered too! Watch the video below to see how it’s done.

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