5 Google PPC Ad Hacks for Plumbers & HVAC Companies

Paid search campaigns on Google Ads offer plumbing and HVAC companies a prime avenue to connect with potential customers in need of their services. When a home or commercial property experiences a burst pipe or malfunctioning unit, search intent is high even though the need may arise unexpectedly. This blog shares five strategic Google Ad approaches tailored for plumbers and HVAC professionals seeking to capitalize on this demand and stand out amidst the competition

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5 Google PPC Ad Hacks for Plumbers & HVAC Companies

When it comes to reaching out to potential customers, paid search campaigns on Google Ads stands as a priority advertising choice for plumbing and HVAC firms.


In many instances, individuals don’t typically spot a Facebook ad and suddenly realize, “Oh, I need to replace those pipes soon,” unless they’re facing a burst pipe crisis. People may not actively seek your services until the need arises, but when it does, their search intent is usually quite high, even if it’s not an urgent situation.


Here’s the twist: Most other plumbing and HVAC companies have caught on to this trend and have already secured their positions on the PPC platform.


However, there are five savvy Google Ad strategies tailored for plumbers and HVAC businesses. These tricks can ensure that your ads maintain top-notch quality and relevance, significantly increasing the chances that your ad gets the click and secures the job.

This guide is here to answer precisely that question. We’ll delve into the significance of Google Ads Reports and provide you with significant insights on how to craft them to your advantage.

Optimize Paid Search Campaigns with Geographical Targeting

A significant portion of your target audience employs “near me” or location-based keywords such as “Kansas City plumber.” To enhance ad relevance and secure better rankings for these searches, incorporate these phrases as both target keywords and within your ad copy.

Additionally, fine-tune your location targeting in your paid search ad campaigns, ensuring that your ads exclusively display in searches conducted by users within the geographical areas you serve. For many home service businesses, a wise approach is to select a service area radius. If necessary, you can further exclude specific zip codes or regions.

Include Urgent Pay Per Click Keywords into Your Campaign

While many service companies concentrate solely on high-volume generic keywords like “Seattle plumber,” it’s essential to include urgent keywords in your strategy. These pay per click keywords enable you to distinguish yourself in the market by catering to specific needs and a highly motivated audience, setting you apart from the competition.   Terms like “emergency plumber” or “same day plumber” may not generate the same search volume, but your competitors may not provide these services. Even if they do, they might not effectively highlight them in their ad copy. Users performing such searches want to quickly find a reliable solution without contacting multiple providers.  

Conduct keyword research to identify urgent and high-intent keywords that your audience frequently searches for. SEMrush offers an excellent keyword tool that provides suggestions based on key phrases, along with the average CPC bid for each keyword. Given the high intent of these audiences, consider allocating a slightly higher budget to bid on these keywords when feasible.

Get Some Inspiration from Established Providers

When embarking on a new campaign, it’s often wise to draw inspiration from those who have conducted successful tests and campaigns before you.

Examine national franchises or well-established plumbing companies, regardless of their location. Utilize tools like SEMrush to analyze the keywords they target, their advertising expenditures, and their ad strategies and messaging.

You might discover pay per click keywords or tactics that are worth incorporating into your own campaigns. This could involve highlighting particular services or offering a discount for first-time customers. As long as you customize these strategies to resonate with your specific audience, you may even outperform the competition

Enhance Your Visibility with Google Ads Extensions

Ad extensions are a powerful tool for Google Ads advertisers, including plumbers. They enable you to incorporate informative snippets into your ad campaigns, providing users with more details and simplifying their path to contact you.

Additionally, Google ad extensions give your ad a distinctive visual appeal, setting it apart from the competition—a significant advantage.


You can incorporate multiple extensions into each ad campaign, and for plumbers, we highly recommend utilizing (or at least testing) the following:

1. Call extensions: Simplify the process for users to quickly call you, especially on mobile devices.

2. Callout extensions: Act as compelling calls to action (CTAs) within your ad text to encourage clients to call you.

3. Sitelink extensions: Provide links to various sections of your website, helping users find what they need swiftly

4. Location extensions: Display your business’s address to convey proximity and readiness to assist.

5. Structured Snippets: Enhance your ad’s visibility by featuring links and information about various services, such as drain cleaning, repairs, and fixture installations.

Specialize Your Ad Groups for Precision

To elevate your ad campaigns, a highly effective strategy is to specialize your ad groups. Create distinct ad campaigns and ad groups tailored to specific needs: one for emergency-related keywords, another targeting contractors seeking plumbing services for construction projects, and a separate group for those seeking particular services based on the keywords generating substantial traffic.


The key here is relevance. Google is more inclined to display and rank your ad when the search term aligns with your targeted keyword, ad content, and landing page. Achieving this alignment becomes much simpler when your keyword groups are finely tuned.


Enhanced relevance not only boosts your visibility but also improves click-through rates (CTRs) and conversion rates. Users encounter messaging that caters to their precise requirements, as opposed to a generic ad attempting to cover too much ground. They’ll recognize that you offer services like drain cleaning or same-day repairs.


Even if your competitors offer similar services, failing to highlight these exclusively may make you the preferred choice for users in urgent situations—such as dealing with a burst pipe damaging their newly installed hardwood floors. If you can convey this while incorporating branded language and explaining why you’re the top choice, you’re bound to secure those crucial clicks.


Investing in Google PPC ads is a smart move, and it pays off. If you’re not getting the clicks, chances are your competitors are seizing those opportunities. Additionally, Google Ads can propel you to higher positions in search engine results pages, especially when you’re still establishing organic visibility—an aspect you shouldn’t underestimate.   Ready to attract new clients through InvisiblePPC’s Google Ad Campaigns and outshine your competition? Let’s Get Started.

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