Top 5 Reasons Agency PPC Management Excels Over In-House Management

Agencies always struggle to explain the value of their services. Learn 5 concrete reasons agency Google Ads management is superior to in-house management.

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How to Meet Protests with Value Propositions

One of the largest and toughest objections agencies face when prospecting is, “I can run my own Google Ads campaign, why should I pay you?” The question seems legitimate enough, but in reality, there are a number of reasons that an experienced PPC agency can easily prove their value. Let’s dive into those now.

1. Google Ads changes constantly, and so does Google Ads management.

Google Ads is a living, breathing thing that changes and evolves very quickly. Keeping up to date takes time and if you don’t stay up to date on what’s new, you could be wasting money. Below is a very small set up Google Ads updates from 2016:
  • Removal of Right Rail Ads
  • Expanded Text Ads
  • Local Search Ads on Maps
  • Responsive Display Ads
  • Demographics for Search
  • Click To Message
  • Changes to Device Bidding
  • Customer Match
  • Flash Ads Retired

2. A Google relationship is priceless.

Agencies have a very good relationship with Google. They have a single point of contact that they can reach out to whenever they need to. Google provides them routine training on new features, account reviews and optimization recommendations, access to super secret betas for new features (that tend to positively impact performance) and faster support than you knew existed.
Sure, Google Ads has their support line that you can call where you can speak to one of their new hires. You’ll receive responses to questions but you won’t receive proactive customized support, access to betas or special escalation on issues.

3. Data can propel your performance.

Agencies work with a number of clients across the country or even the world. They likely have a number of clients in similar niches in different locations. This means they’ve already worked out all the kinks in your industry. They have a proven keyword list and know the style of ad that works best. Your campaigns will kick off already optimized.

4. Experience and not just in Google Ads management services is invaluable.

A client may know their business, but an agency knows about successful advertising. You know what a good landing page looks like, and how to do keyword research. Anyone can research keywords, but it takes a pro to know what will gain the desired results. Tricky things like placing tracking on pages, and ensuring it works right are what you do all day. You’ve tested ad copy and know what works. You work with web pages, SEO and/or social so you can draw on all of your background to problem solve. Plus you know the industry jargon, so there’s no learning curve to compete with.

5. Time is precious.

Business owners and employees spend so much of their time making the business run successfully. When they manage their Google Ads campaigns in-house, this takes their focus away from the true goal – running the business. Splitting their time may cause the business to get neglected, and may even take time away from their families. Hiring an agency means they get their time back to concentrate on the business itself, and could even give some family time back.
Now, with that information, I think the new question is, “How can you afford to manage your PPC on your own?”

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  1. Excellent blog! Love your work!


  2. such a great content! thanks for sharing it . Whether you have a large or small PPC budget, you need to have someone who knows how to manage your campaigns for maximum performance. In my personally opinion hire a PPC Specialist or a PPC agency because they have experienced and know how to do in proper way.


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