Issue #49: Multi-Step Forms > Single Step Forms

Raise your hand if some of your goals are focused around improving lead gen performance. Now put that hand down, you look silly 😛
In this issue I want to share a lead gen tactic that is a little counter intuitive plus give you a friendly push for those of you still on the fence about adding PPC to your agency.
✅ Marketing Tip: Use multi-step forms or at least test them
Convention states that the fewer steps on a form…the better. And more often than not that’s true but for your highest value opportunities you should consider a multi-step approach.
  • You can ask more questions while reducing end user overwhelm
  • Create ‘momentum’ and trigger the Commitment & Consistency principle of persuasion, i.e., you won’t see a massive drop in form drop off.
  • Get additional opportunities to market to folks that partially complete the form
  • You’ll see a slight drop in immediate conversion rates, e.g., 2-5%, but with the additional questions and abandonment opportunities you more than make up for that
  • To do these well, you may need some development support
We use this method for our most important form, our Book a Meeting form. We start with basic questions, including their email address, and then ask them to pick a time that works for them.
We’ve seen a negligible drop in immediate bookings and are able to get 81.3% of all abandoned forms to book their meeting through follow up emails.
💰Thinking About Adding PPC as a Service in 2023?
If you read this newsletter, you know that we offer White Label PPC Management for agencies. If you’ve been thinking about expanding your service offering this year, then it’s time for us to set up time to chat.
You can book a meeting with a member of our team here and see how our multi-step form works 😉.
Talk soon,
CEO & Chief Wizard